Since 2014, we have established our NAFA Nourishes program in 14 children's homes in Nepal. We have treated over 450 unparented children for acute malnutrition.


Our Mission

Nepal Adoptive Families Association (NAFA) is a non-profit organization founded by families with children from Nepal. We are dedicated to helping the children who remain in the orphanages our children left behind. Currently, our focus is on NAFA Nourishes, a program to enrich the nutritional status of the unparented children in Nepal, treating malnutrition and malabsorption. We have found this to be the most dynamic, meaningful, and immediate way for our money to alleviate suffering and bring real relief.

We thank you for the health assistance and making effort for providing Plumpy’Sup to our children. We are positive from its result and our children are healthy. They do have better immunity and improved stamina. Again, our sincere thanks for your support!
— Serjang Khadka, Child Bright Future Nepal


What We've Achieved

  • Launched NAFA Nourishes in 14 children's home throughout the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Treated over 450 kids for acute malnutrition.
  • Successfully treated more than 450 cases for lice and scabies.
  • We have seen growth spurts!  
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