Amy Hecht - President

Amy Hecht is a founder and clinical director of the Hecht Ribas Group for Psychological Services. A graduate of Gallaudet University's PhD program in clinical psychology, Amy is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in adoption, GLBT families and disability. Amy and her wife, Claudia Ribas, are the proud parents of four beautiful children including a daughter adopted from Nepal in 2010.  As a member of both an extended birth family and an adoptive family Amy brings personal as well as professional experience to her passion for adoption and all members of the adoption constellation. Amy helped to found NAFA in 2010 and has not stopped trying to find ways to help the unparented in Nepal ever since.  Her efforts in Nepal are as always, dedicated to her wife, their children and always especially, The Bee.


Larry Georgeson - Vice President

Larry Georgeson is a principal at Platinum Design Studio and Elevation Basements. He spent his younger years on the Western Slope of Colorado before moving to Denver area at age 10. He got his start in the construction industry refurbishing large yachts in Southern California after graduating from the University of Colorado/Boulder. As co-owner of Catalina Trading Company, he imported reclaimed wood from Southeast Asia, wholesaling it across the Western US. He and his wife, Kyndra, started Platinum Design Studio, an interior design company, in 2004. They started Elevation Basements, a basement design/build company, in 2013. Larry and Kyndra have an adopted daughter from China and an adopted son from Nepal. Larry sits on the Board of Nepal Adoptive Families Association and he and his family were one of the 2010 Nepal Pipeline Families.


Leela Mookerjee - Secretary

Leela Mookerjee lives in Westchester, NY with her husband Steve, stepson William and their daughter Rini, who was adopted from India. Leela is an attorney with GE.  Leela enjoys family, the Buffalo Bills and relaxing with friends.


Aaron Skalka - Treasurer

A native of the Washington, DC area, Aaron is a Principal Officer of Transportation Resources which provides dedicated logistics services and specialty vehicle rentals to the motion picture and television industries.  He has worked on dozens of high profile films all over the world for every major studio. Aaron and his wife Emma Skalka are the proud parents of Benjamin Sujan Skalka adopted from Nepal in 2010 as part of the so-called “pipeline” cases.  The Skalka family has worked diligently to get the Nepal adoption program reopened and will continue to do so until every family who wants to adopt a child from Nepal has the ability to do so. Aaron is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and currently resides with his family in Annapolis, Maryland.


Susan Wilham - Director

Susan Wilham lives in Springfield, Illinois with her husband Larry, son BeiLee (10) and daughter Kanti (8), who was born in Nepal. She is a criminal appellate lawyer. Susan enjoys fundraising, fiber arts, and traveling with her family.

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