It's our belief that NAFA can have an impact on three groups:

the unparented children living in group homes 

the home's staff (and often their children) 

the people of the larger community

NAFA's goal is simple: give the children something no one can take way from them - their health. The NAFA Nourishes program focuses on each child's individual level of malnutrition and overall health, first evaluating their current state before determining the best course of action. This is often through a regime of Plumpy'Sup, clean water and increased hydration levels, treatment of internal parasites and education related to hygiene. We also give the children a sense of self-worth, offering one on one time with an adult who is there to focus solely on their needs, something that does not often happen in an overcrowded and understaffed children's home.


NAFA is not here just to impact the children; we have bigger goals than that. By working closely with the group home's management and staff, we have a hands-on, in-house experience. We have the ability to inform and train the children's primary caregivers in new and updated techniques related to hygiene and health. We also have the chance to work with them related to gardening, meal planning, and budgeting. And we've recently begun our livestock project, working with several homes to purchase chickens, goats, or cows so that not only are the children given access to fresh foods, but produce is created to be sold in local markets.


NAFA's goals extend beyond the home to the community at large: all our Nepal based staff are Nepali. By hiring educated and qualified local women, we have an opportunity to help stimulate the economy and provide the children with stable and familiar faces that become the second line of defense towards abuse. Related, we work hard to discourage 'voluntourism,' ensuring only those with a professional relationship to NAFA are allowed into the homes.


It's about making a difference. Changing a life. 

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