The goal of NAFA is clear: to provide a solid nutritional foundation for every child living in care in Nepal. This will allow an entire generation of Nepali children an advantage – Better overall health, more formidable growth, increased learning opportunities – and that advantage will continue as the physical traits and knowledge created is passed on to their own children.

We intend to reach this (albeit lofty!) goal in a number of ways: the continued use of Plumpy ‘Sup and Multi-Vitamins; increased training related to hygiene and personal health; the creation of kitchen gardens and meal planning workshops that utilize a more balanced diet; microloans that allow each home to purchase livestock as they see fit, providing both an increased income and nutritive supplements to the children’s diets; the introduction of solar cooking and alternative methods of meal preparation; and anything else we can come up with that will give these children an advantage.

An advantage that they are very much entitled to and deserving of.

To do all of this, we need your help. To be blunt, NAFA needs monetary donations so that our work can continue – so that we can continue to provide the nutritional supplements, pay our staff in Nepal, provide the base for our microloan program.

That being said, we’ll also happily utilize your support in other ways: have an idea for a fundraiser? Have a special skill that could be useful to our team?

Want to involve your community in learning more about the work that we do? Let us know, and we will work together to help improve the lives of the unparented children of Nepal!

It's about making a difference. Changing a life. 

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